Resources for event organisers

The Transport Management Centre (TMC) minimises disruption to the road network resulting from on-road special events by ensuring that appropriate traffic management arrangements are in place.

These include:

What is a special event?

A special event (in traffic management terms) is any planned activity that is wholly or partly conducted on a road, requires multiple agency involvement, requires special traffic management arrangements, and may involve large numbers of participants and/or spectators.

Examples are marathons, fun runs, cycling events, parades, marches and street market days.

The definition also applies to events conducted in their own venue if the event requires special traffic management arrangements and multiple agency support.

Traffic and transport for special events

From a traffic and transport perspective, a special event needs to:

Further information

PDF Special events guide - Part 1 (1770kB)
PDF Special events guide - Appendix containing application forms and resource matrix (1810kB)
PDF Road Occupancy Licence Application - Non-Development and Special Event [N] (174kB)
PDF Sample communication requirements for event organisers (235kB)
PDF Filming and Video policy statement (167kB)
PDF Guidelines for Bicycle Road Races (998kB)
PDF Anzac Bridge and Sydney Harbour Bridge permit application (64.5kB)